Journal: Project Integration in Nepomuk

16th Jun

  • Made a git branch to add blogsupport
    • Note: Give meaningful branch names. Avoid working on same code section in two different branches
  • Added a structured note GUI support
  • Played around with git branches (resolved conflicts!)

17th Jun

  • Made a listview branch -> working on projectmodel
  • A popup to add structural text (in blogsupport branch)

18th Jun

  • Drag-Drop Files support
  • Drag-Drop Url Support (nfo:Website)
  • A little codecleanup

21th Jun

  • Working on projectmodel branch
  • Read about Git merging
  • merged projectmodel into master [1]

22nd Jun

  • projectmodel complete in master -> able to list projects based on models
  • doubleClick on model -> setLiveProject manually! [2]

23rd Jun

  • Creating systemtray icon
  • systemtray icon does not support drag-drop -> essential

24th Jun

  • Started Reading about Plasmoid
  • unsuccessfully created a plasmoid, need some experience

26th Jun

  • Using Nepomuk::Utils::SimpleResourceModel
  • Working on using nepomuk context service

27th Jun

  • Blogged about the progress so far
  • Read about git rebasing
  • Integrated nepomuk context service in branch:contextservice (not merged with master because of dbus service error)

28th Jun

  • Discussed Ideas with nsm (to be discussed in the meeting)
  • Working on adding nco:PersonContact with the liveProject

11th July

  • Added support for opening various resources from project integrator like files,websites etc.

12th July

  • Read up plasma dataengine tutorials

13th July

  • Basic QML code
  • Going through metadata dataengine code (in plasma-mobile repo)

14th July

  • Trying to use dataengines from QML

17th July

  • basic code cleanup in projectintegrator
  • Backbone for plasmoid

18th July

  • No native drag-drop support in QML from Qt.
  • (NOT USING QML FOR GSOC!) Made a basic c++ plasmoid

19th July

20th July

  • read about Dbus
  • Work on integrating plasmoid,projectintegrator with dbus

21st July

  • Errors in integration of Nepomuky code in plasmoid (errors in branch addNepomukCode in plasmoid repo


  • Plasmoid works for a hardcoded project, yet to integrate with contextservice.
  • Using KRun in project Integrator

22nd July

  • Implementing KActions for deleting a project, unlinking a resource etc.

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