Rename KDE Telepathy to XXXX


When KDE Telepathy first started the original maintainer insisted that we should integrate completely into the workspace, and therefore have no user visible name. Like how one should never see the word "Akonadi" in the UI.

This can be seen in most applications where simply say "IM Contact List", or "Contact Applet"

The problem

In hindsight this doesn't really work. We need marketing, and promo to get people into hacking or people to try it out before it's integrated.

We need to show people where to get help in userbase, and the brand awareness with consumers.

Current Situation

The name sucks. I don't like it. It was never meant to be used publicly but has to be. However we have a brand, and a very positive reputation. Changing the name will throw all that away. It takes a long time to earn trust in open source. We don't have a lot of choice.

Plus renaming is a _lot_ of effort :)

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