KTp/GSoC2012 Ideas

Google Summer of Code 2012 Ideas


Enhancements the presence system

  • Presence based on current activity
  • Presence groups* (should be supported by xmpp, I don't know if telepathy supports it) (*show online status to some contacts and busy to others)


First part isn't enough for a GSOC. It's a few days work (plus some considerably KDED refactoring)

The second part: I believe it's called Privacy list, http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0016.html I don't think Telepathy has it. That would have to be an upstream (Telepathy) project.

Handlers management

We need a better way to know which applications are installed and what they support. At the moment for desktop sharing we are using the service watcher to check for krfb, but instead we should check if the user has any service capable of that. (This one should be probably upstream)

Nepomuk services

  • exporting logging from tp-logger to nepomuk
  • synchronization of folks and nepomuk contacts

(But we should talk about this with PIM and with folks developers) This probably also include writing a Folks-Qt binding library.


I'm not sure we can have a logger GSOC, as we've had one already. Having the same GSOC twice will make it look like it failed, and we can't have funding for failing stuff.

Hopefully the same isn't the same for PIM, but it needs to be worded as "improving the last one"

Something with zeitgeist?

Enhancement to peer-to-peer dbus

With p2pdbus merged in qt 4.8 and DBusTubes branch that will be released soon, we still have the problem that in peer to peer DBus there is no DBus server, so it is difficult to know when something happens (registering and unregistering of objects and services). It would be really nice if we could have an object that we can register on the connection as the first object and that gives you an interface similar to the DBus one.

Porting some app to use DBusTubes

Sexy plugin system for the text-ui

(show images, support formatting, show youtube links, translate messages etc. etc.). This includes making a load of plugins, making them configurable, making a config for enabling/disabling plugins (on a per account basis?). Those of you who read the log messages will know Lasath and I started the groundwork for this, but it's a long way off doing the main cool parts.


If anyone gets this, it should be Lasath. It's personally my favourite project, it's "simple" brings us close to Kopete functionality and it means we beat Empathy - d_ed

Collaborative editor

I'm making a simple text editor (think etherpad) at the moment, but this could be significantly pimped. Maybe a collaborative version of basket? That would be amazing (and something not really done elsewhere.)

Telepathy setup for KDE multiplayer games

Should be fairly simple, especially with the contactGridWidget we already have. Is this even 3 months work? Maybe if they port all the games.

Last time I checked, KsirK was implementing internally the whole xmpp protocol... I don't know if internally it uses some kind of xep or if it has something like a streamtube or what else. Anyway it shouldn't be very hard to implement port it. I don't know which other games allow online multiplayer at the moment, but taking at least a couple of them and implement multiplaying could be interesting. A good GSoC in my opinion could be:

 - Porting KsirK to use Telepathy
 - Implement multiplayer in one "static" game (board/card game)
 - Writing some sort of gaming library for measuring latency over
   telepathy for "dynamic" games (ksnake or similar) and implement
   multiplayer in another game

One games could be implemented using streamtubes and the other using DBusTubes

Anyway we need to work on this together with the kde-games team...

More work on KPerson

Though ideally this should be under the PIM project. So we still have another student.

System wide OAuth authentication

This could be done to a higher level. It would be cool if we could have OAuth tokens (not just for MSN, but also for GMail, Facebook, Identi.ca, Twitter, ecc) at a system wide level.

Design and implementation of the new notification system


Our (Lasath and I) new plasmoid acts like a new notifcation system, and it's pretty awesome.

Some more random ideas from last IRC meeting minutes

  • Telepathy KRunner
  • Telepathy kioslave
  • Telepathy and KUser
  • Lancelot part


There's not enough to warrant the KRunner being a GSOC task, it's a one day job. Maybe a week for a noob.


Those are the people who are happy to mentor some project:

  • David
  • Daniele

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