KTp/Events/Meeting 10 04 2011

KDE Telepathy IRC Meeting 10/04/2011


  • Generic intro, everyone can say how great their components are.
  • Mck182 to explain about the upstream/downstream Qt model situation.
  • Me (d_ed) talking about a release.
 - Who is it for? Goals.

  • List work that needs doing before a release, with estimated time frames

(people in brackets to do the talking)

* Contact List (mck182)
* Accounts KCM (d_ed?)
* Text UI (nwoki/d_ed)
* Approver (george K)
* Applets (dario)
* File transfer (??)
* Any other components? 
  • Deal with issues relating to the release:
* Profile files
* Icons
* Library like code
* Approver startup
* Closing the contact list and staying online
  • Split up tasks on a very specific basis (i.e "show unread message count in the contact list" not just "contact list")
  • Nepomuk: Planning the future. Tentative schedule.
  • Any other business.
  • Then any remaining time can be spent trying to come up with a cool release name.

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