Plasma/Wayland Showstoppers

This page tracks the Wayland showstoppers throughout the stack. Showstoppers are major bugs, or missing features affecting the Wayland session but not the X11 session. This is part of KDE's Wayland goal.

Login/Session management

KWin/compositing/window management

  • When the compositor crashes or restarts, all apps are killed
  • Windows that were closed when maximized will open in the maximized position, but not the maximized state:
  • On Wayland, the compositor doesn't expose the minimized state. Some application and library code currently does things based on that state (usually to show their window again if needed, typically by calling QWidget::isMinimized()). Example: KNotifications' KStatusNotifierItem in KStatusNotifierItemPrivate::checkVisibility(...), invoked e.g. on clicking the item, uses the info to decide client-side whether to request showing the window again (or hide it)
  • In multi-monitor setups with at least one scaled display, Plasma context menus have items which are invisible until hovered:


System Settings

Blocked on required upstream changes

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