This page tracks the Wayland showstoppers throughout the stack.

KWin/compositing/window management

No vertical / horizontal maximize of Wayland native clients. KWin uses NetWM modes internally to do this. Works with Xwayland clients. Would also work for Wayland clients, just the state cannot be exported to Wayland (c.f. Quick tiling).

Task Switchers are sometimes black and unusable:

XWayland windows are upscaled and look blurry and ugly in HiDPI mode:

Cursor lags under high CPU load:

Cursor is small when hovering over Firefox:

KDE app windows don't remember maximized state:

Can't dismiss a popup by clicking another window of the same application:

No remote support

We don't have an API yet for remote support. Even if we had one, things like TeamViewer would not work any more (Partly fixed since we now have an API for screencast using a separate KWayland interface. There is also already support in xdg-desktop-portals for convenience of other apps and general support in Flatpaks. What's still missing is an API for remote input.)


The NVIDIA blob uses a custom EGL extension which Plasma 5.16 added support for. It requires setting the KWIN_DRM_USE_EGL_STREAMS=1 environment variable to activate.

Other aspects of the "Wayland experience" with NVIDIA such as XWayland compatibility are outside of our influence.

Partly fixed: Requires manual activation.


No clipboard manager protocol (for e.g. Klipper and clipboard plasmoid) and no clipboard sync with KDE Connect: (will be fixed with

Dragging-and-dropping a file to in Firefox brings down the whole session:


A key challenge is the lack of a standardized cross-compositor screenshot protocol:

Spectacle is annoying and missing features on Wayland:


No configurable mouse gestures; X has the ability to accept fake input events to allow programs such as Easystroke. With the new security model of Wayland, such a program would need to be part of the compositor.

No XModmap; we lack a functionality like XModmap to remap keys.


Session restoring does not include Wayland native windows. Our sessions management recover engine is based on the X Session Management Protocol and there is apparently currently no generic concept to do it on Wayland. But on Qt it's plugin-able and GNOME has according to their wiki an own implementation for some time.

No window thumbnails; we don't yet have an API for this.

No window move on empty area in breeze; This broke with switch to XdgShellV6. Needs new API added to Qt (native interface), KWayland and Breeze.

No activities.

Panel remains on top of full screen video:

Keyboard Layout indicator system tray item doesn't work:

Top panel overlaps Yakuake:

Drag and Drop issues

reproducible (on my sysyem at least) plasma/kwin crashes

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