Plasma/Wayland Known Significant Issues

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This page tracks the "Errata/Known issues" that are specific to the the Plasma Wayland session: significant quality-of-life annoyances, significant problems with workarounds, etc. This is part of KDE's Wayland goal.

It is the Wayland-specific companion to Plasma/X11 Known Significant Issues.

KWin/compositing/window management


Graphics Tablet Support

  • Can't fine tune pressure curve of the tablet. Various people draw with varying pressure; some people draw with heavy hand some use light touch. Configuring pressure curve helps artists to get better lines. Bug report and pending Merge Request.
  • Can't switch between absolute and relative modes for the graphic tablet. Bug report and Pending Merge Requests 1 and 2.
  • Can't assign mouse click presses to pen button as shortcuts, For example you want to change the default and assign a different button on a pen to do middle mouse click to pan the canvas in krita it won't accept middle mouse click as a shortcut-
  • Can't create multiple profiles for tablet configurations so artists can choose different profiles (e.g. different shortcuts and pen pressure) for different workflows like inking a comic or doing vector art:
  • Can't calibrate tablets so there is no weird offset: This is in the works and there is an open MR by an awesome KDE contributor due for 6.1.
  • Can't map a portion of the tablet area to the screen. Some people have large tablet and sometime they want to map a portion of the tablet to the monitor:
  • The UI for mapping tablet area and its buttons has a few issues compared to the UI in the X11 KCM:
  • Graphic tablets may have a touch strip or ring, but in the Wayland KCM, you can't assign shortcuts to touch rings. Bug report:
  • Some tablets allow users to switch between touch ring modes. For example, you can click a button and change the mode from one set of shortcuts like scrolling to another set of shortcuts, like changing hue or zooming in and out. This is not possible on Plasma Wayland:
  • The pointer for the graphic tablet is permanently a cross in plasma wayland. It doesn't change regardless of context. So if you want to resize a window with your pen, it will be troublesome to use this cursor, as it does not change to a resize handle cursor:



Waiting on new Wayland protocol

Not yet started

Work in progress

Fixed in an upcoming version

All good!