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Kexi/TODOs/Menu Actions Checklist

(from Kexi 1.1.x)
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui SYSTEM "kpartgui.dtd">
<kpartgui name="kexi" version="164">
 <Menu name="file" noMerge="0">
DONE   <Action name="project_new" />
DONE   <Action name="project_open"/>
TODO 2.4   <Action name="project_download_examples"/>
TODO 2.2   <Action name="project_open_recent"/>
   <Separator />
DONE - MOVED LOCALLY  <Action name="project_save"/>
TODO 2.3 - should only work for file databases and close the db before saving-as   <Action name="project_saveas"/>
   <Separator />
   <Menu name="project_import">
TODO 2.2     <Action name="project_import_data_table" />
TODO 2.4     <Action name="project_import_objects" />
   <Menu name="project_export">
TODO 2.2     <Action name="project_export_data_table" />
TODO 2.4     <Action name="project_export_objects" />
   <Separator />
TODO 2.4   <Action name="project_print"/>
TODO 2.4   <Action name="project_print_preview"/>
TODO 2.4   <Action name="project_print_setup"/>
   <Separator />
TODO 2.6   <Action name="project_relations"/>
TODO 2.4   <Action name="project_properties"/>
   <Separator />
DONE   <Action name="project_close"/>
   <Separator />
DONE   <Action name="quit"/>

 <Menu name="edit" noMerge="1">
DONE (moved to local bar)   <Action name="edit_undo"/>
DONE (moved to local bar)   <Action name="edit_redo"/>
   <MergeLocal name="edit_undo_merge"/>
DONE   <Action name="edit_cut"/>
DONE   <Action name="edit_copy"/>
DONE   <Action name="edit_paste"/>
   <Menu name="edit_copy_special">
     <text>Copy &Special</text>
TODO RENAME/MOVE     <Action name="edit_copy_special_data_table"/>
   <Menu name="edit_paste_special">
     <text>Paste &Special</text>
TODO RENAME/MOVE     <Action name="edit_paste_special_data_table"/>
   <MergeLocal name="edit_paste_merge"/>
DONE   <Action name="edit_find"/>
---   <Action name="edit_replace"/>
---   <Action name="edit_select_all"/> 
TODO 2.3 MOVE LOCALLY   <Action name="edit_delete"/>
DONE   <Action name="edit_delete_row"/>
TODO 2.3 MOVE LOCALLY   <ActionList name="edit_clear_table"/>
TODO 2.3 MOVE LOCALLY   <ActionList name="edit_insert_empty_row"/>
 <Menu name="view" noMerge="1">
DONE - MOVED LOCALLY   <Action name="view_data_mode" type="toggle" />
DONE - MOVED LOCALLY   <Action name="view_design_mode" type="toggle" />
DONE - MOVED LOCALLY   <Action name="view_text_mode" type="toggle" />
---    <Action name="view_navigator"/>
---    <Action name="view_mainarea"/>
---    <Action name="view_propeditor"/>

 <Menu name="insert" noMerge="1">

 <Menu name="format" noMerge="0">
   <Action name="format_font"/>

 <Menu name="data" noMerge="1">
 DONE - MOVED LOCALLY  <Action name="data_save_row"/>
 DONE - MOVED LOCALLY  <Action name="data_cancel_row_changes"/>
   <Menu name="data_sort">
 DONE - MOVED LOCALLY    <Action name="data_sort_az"/>
 DONE - MOVED LOCALLY    <Action name="data_sort_za"/>
 DONE - MOVED LOCALLY  <Action name="data_execute"/>

 <Menu name="tools" noMerge="0">
 DONE  <Action name="tools_import_project"/>
 DONE  <Action name="tools_compact_database"/>
 TODO 2.6 <Action name="tools_scripts"/>

 <Menu name="window" noMerge="0">
 <Menu name="settings" noMerge="1">
 TODO 2.4 - SHOW/HIDE TABBED TOOLBAR <Action name="options_show_menubar"/>
 ---  <Action name="options_show_toolbar"/>
   <Merge name="StandardToolBarMenuHandler"/>
   <Merge name="KMDIViewActions"/>
   <MergeLocal name="show_toolbar_merge"/>
   <Action name="options_show_statusbar"/>
 TODO 2.4  <MergeLocal name="show_merge"/>
 DONE  <Action name="options_configure_keybinding"/>
 TODO 2.6 configure tabbed toolbar  <Action name="options_configure_toolbars"/>
 TODO 2.6  <Action name="options_configure"/>
 <Menu name="help">
 ---  <Action name="help_show_important_info" noMerge="0"/>
 TODO 2.7  <Action name="help_start_feedback_agent" noMerge="0"/>

[toolbars part removed]


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