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List of changes

Visit bugs.kde.org query for list of formally registered and fixed bugs.

Main window

  • Kexi asks for passwords without modal dialogs; improved messages and assistants
    • Ask for passwords directly on pages without modal dialogs (for New, Open, Welcome assistants)
    • Improved layout of the context message widget
    • Improved support for moving back to previous assistant page
  • Kexi knows better when password is needed for performing connection
  • Add a message when no database server drivers are found

Database Support Library (KexiDB)

  • Properly handle lookup fields when there are more than one per table

Import & Export

  • CSV Import
    • By default missing CSV values are imported as empty texts. Now user can choose to import missing texts as empty text values (current default configuration) or as NULLs (previous behavior) to destination table. There was a lot of confusion when SQL queries with condition columnName = did not show any results for imported data.
    • Add support for appending CSV data to an existing table


  • Move the export buttons from the Kexi report design toolbar into a submenu of the view main menu


None so far.

Known bugs

  • Bug #323804: Table Designer does not display properties - fixed in 2.7.3

Missing or discontinued features in 2.7

  • Lack of scripting enabled by default means that distributors did not add them in 2.7.x. In 2.6.x and earlier scripting was available. It will be re-enabled in 2.8.0. More information in the forum.

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