A rich list is a list of items with any additional information and/or interaction to the name of the item.

(may include: check box, icon, name, brief description, link or button to information, link or button to configure selection, a means to visually distinguish between list items)

More examples:


(Do not repeat buttons, favor a global button for interactions)


Use a rich list when the user requires additional information when selecting an item or can do more with an item than just selecting it.


  • There might be a checkbox and Icon in the same line
  • Some meta-information might contain much text, requiring the item's row in the list to be very high when displayed
  • Each item can have one or more commands associated with it

Solutions (including rationale) / Examples

[[place mockup here]

The elements of the list are (from left to right)

  • Checkbox or radio button (optional)
  • Icon indicating if additional information box is collapsed or expanded (only needed if additional information is available. Use this only when there is no checkbox. Otherwise, use an about-button (second from the right) to display additional info in a popup)
  • Icon representing the item or graphical preview (optional)
  • The item's name/title
  • Below: Item's short description
  • Additional information (longer description, long meta information etc.) that wouldn't normally fit in the row (optional)
  • "About"-button displaying an about box (used weh there are checkboxes and additional information)
  • Action/Combo button (optional if checkbox/radio button is present)

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