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This is supposed to show an overview what technologies are used in KDE development, how they compaire and how they work together.


- Came up with a different theme for the desktop stuff and reinvent all the widgets and stuff
- Apps still look like apps (or desktop theme)

kde4-desktop.jpg See left and right screen for Plasma and apps respectively.

This was to ensure a workspace vs applications split, partly related to the KDE not meaning KDE marketing thingy

Plasma 5

This separation still exists

Though the Plasma theme and desktop theme now look kinda similar.

You can see it within Plasma; clicking configure on a widget the widgets look different. Easier to see if you have a more ridiculous plasma theme.


QtQuick can look like desktop or plasma style. (though sometimes the desktop stuff is buggy) QWidgets can only look like the desktop style

Theme is not really related to the tech. Don't think it is.


- Desktop style: Uses fixed sizes for things (note this does NOT create a problem for high DPI screens!)
       - doesn't really use "units". Though we still have users settings for things
- Plasma: Uses font sizes for things..in an attempt for Plasma to do it's own high DPI thing


- layer on top of either desktop theme and plasma theme (or Material design or other...) with some various "components" (drawers and sliders and stuff)
- As it has to work with Plasma it has to expose units - though it does something weird with the desktop ones...


So far we have a workspace vs apps split, which is nice and simple Plasma Mobile (and Active before it) uses Plasma components inside applications

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