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This page is used to keep track of progress of the module KDESDK's conversion from SVN to Git.

The whole of KDESDK should be moved to git in one step, to reduce the mess for release managers, packagers and other.

Discussion happens on the mailinglist kde-sdk-devel.



  1. Decide which repos should be created from which submodules - Done
  2. Split KDESDK's CMakeLists.txt file into separate individual top-level files for each repo, KDESDK's build file only references each repository (nothing more) - IN PROGRESS
  3. Write migration rules - IN PROGRESS
  4. Upload test repos to kde's scratch area - First attempt under scratch/whiting/*
  5. Have everyone okay the rules - IN PROGRESS
  6. Migration!
    1. Put writelock on module in svn
    2. Create real repos by the rules
    3. Configure EBN, API DOX, translations systems (what else?) for new repos
    4. Put "Moved to git" note to module in svn
    5. Enable write access to git modules
  7. Clean up: remove intermediate scratch repos

Module Splitup

The module should be split into separate repos, as the single submodules do not have anything in common, like libs or stuff.

Standalone programs

One repo per program

Repo Name / Display Name Project Manager(s) (projects.k.o user id(s)) Description
cervisia / Cervisia Christian Loose (?) GUI for CVS
kapptemplate / KAppTemplate Anne-Marie Mahfouf (?) Factory for the easy creation of KDE/Qt components and programs
kcachegrind / KCacheGrind Josef Weidendorfer GUI to profilers such as Valgrind
kompare / Kompare Kevin Kofler (kkofler) Graphical File Differences Tool
lokalize / Lokalize Nick Shaforostoff (shaforo) Computer-aided translation
okteta / Okteta Friedrich W. H. Kossebau (kossebau) KDE hex editor for viewing and editing the raw data of files.
poxml / poxml Albert Astals Cid (?) Translates DocBook XML files using gettext po files
umbrello / Umbrello umbrello devs (?) GUI for diagramming Unified Modelling Language (UML)


One repo per type

Repo Name / Display Name Project Manager(s) (projects.k.o user id(s)) Description
dolphin-plugins / Plugins for Dolphin
  • svn (Peter Penz)
  • hg (Vishesh Yadav)
  • git (Sebastian Dörner)
  • bazaar (Jonathan Riddell)
Sebastian Dörner (doerner) Plugins for Dolphin
kdesdk-kioslaves / KIO-Slaves
  • perldoc (Michael Pyne)
  • svn (Mickael Marchand?)
Michael Pyne (?) KIO-Slaves
kdesdk-strigi-analyzers / Analyzers for Strigi
  • diff (Laurent Montel/Jakub Stachowski)
  • po (Montel Laurent/Nick Shaforostoff/Jos van den Oever)
  • ts (Montel Laurent/Jakub Stachowski)
  • xlf (Albert Astals Cid)
 ? (?) Analyzer plugins for Strigi
kdesdk-thumbnailers / File Thumbnailers
  • po (Ni Hui)
 ? (?) Plugins for the file thumbnailing system

Development utils

One repo for "scripts" with "cmake/{scripts + outdated stuff}" as new subdir, one repo for all the other small utils

Repo Name / Display Name Project Manager(s) (projects.k.o user id(s)) Description
kde-dev-scripts / KDE Developer Scripts
  • scripts/ as main repo /
  • cmake/{scripts,samples,README} as new subdir cmake-utils/
  • projects.kde.org link
Michael Pyne (?) Scripts and setting files useful during development of KDE software
kde-dev-utils / Developer Utilities
  • kmtrace (?)
  • kpartloader (David Faure)
  • kprofilemethod (David Faure)
  • kstartperf (Geert Jansen)
  • kuiviewer (Benjamin C. Meyer)
  • projects.kde.org link
 ? (?) Small utilities for developers using KDE/Qt libs/frameworks

Removed to unmaintained

Migration Rules

Initial work on rules can be found here:

Relevant guides:

Rules status:

Modified svn2git required for some rule sets: https://gitorious.org/~sdoerner/svn2git/sdoerners-svn2git or on dewey: /home/git/doerner/svn-all-fast-export
Fix tags: kde-ruleset/bin/fix-tag
Process parent maps: kde-ruleset/bin/parent-adder $parent_map_file
After processing parent maps or fixing tags: kde-ruleset/bin/remove-fb-backup-refs.sh

Repo Name Rule Writer Status modified svn2git fix tags parent map Output maintainer-approved?
cervisia Sebastian Dörner DONE X No
dolphin-plugins Sebastian Dörner (doerner) DONE X X X Yes
kapptemplate Sebastian Dörner DONE X X No
kcachegrind Josef Weidendorfer (weidendo) / Sebastian Dörner DONE X X Yes
kde-dev-scripts Jeremy Whiting Done X Yes
kde-dev-utils Sebastian Dörner (doerner) DONE X X X No
kio-slaves Marcelo Brito (darknight_) Done No
kompare Sebastian Dörner DONE X X No
lokalize Sebastian Dörner Base version done (no KAider history so far, do we need it?) No
okteta Willian A. Mayan (pupilo) / Sebastian Dörner DONE X No
poxml Sebastian Dörner (doerner) DONE (delete empty branch trinity) X X X No
kdesdk-strigi-analyzers Sebastian Dörner (doerner) DONE X No
kdesdk-thumbnailers Sebastian Dörner (doerner) DONE No
umbrello Marcelo Brito (darknight_) DONE No

Test Git Repos


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