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Beta Testing Plasmoids for KDE 4.11

Copy the checklist for each plasmoid being tested. When you have tested something cross it off, by surrounding the line with < del > < / del> tags. If it's broken, or not perfect open a bug report and note down the bug number near the test. Feel free to split anything into multiple sections, or add applet specific tests.

Focus is on the newly rewritten QML plasmoids.

New Battery Monitor

  • Name and description in "add applet" is correct
  • Looks good in Air (and follows plasma theme correctly)
  • Looks good in Oxygen (and still readable)
  • Test on the desktop
    • Is the default size sensible?
    • Resize to the minimum size, does everything fit?
  • Test in a horizontal panel
    • Make the panel higher and smaller, does it fit?
  • Test in a vertical panel
    • Make the panel wider and thinner, does it fit?
  • Test editing config options
  • Right click on the plasmoid (is it sensible, try any additional entries)
  • Set a keyboard shortcut, does it do anything? Should it?
  • Are all existing bugs on this applet still valid? Close any which are not.

Battery specific tests:

  • Plug in AC adapter, does the icon and popup change properly?
  • Attach new battery (eg. connect mouse), does it show up properly?
  • Remove battery, does it disappear?
  • Is sorting correct? (internal batteries should come first, then mice and keyboards, and sorted alphabetically)
  • Is brightness slider visible? Should it? Does adjusting work?
  • Is keyboard brightness slider visible? Should it? Does adjusting work?
  • Does unchecking the power management checkbox stop suspending and screen turnoff?

Task Manager (Taskbar)


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