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Konsole Quality tests


This test case covers new features 'search for a text selection' and added functionality in detaching and reorganizing tabs

How to test

For each test item in the list below, include the item between del tags (see edit) when you finished testing it. Append to the line the bug report number with link if you reported any bug. Do not cross over items you cannot check, somebody else will check them.

  • Search for a selection text
    1. Open Konsole and execute command `uname -a`
    2. Select text 'GNU/Linux'
    3. Right-click into Konsole and choose "Select for 'GNU/Linux' with" -> "Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia
  • Detaching and reorganizing tabs
    1. Open Konsole
    2. Open several tabs in the one instance of Konsole and in all of them do some work (just to distinguish among them in the future)
    3. Drag one of them and drop it out of Konsole window (drag the tab)
    4. Drag the new Konsole instance (drag the tab) and drop it on the old Konsole instance
  • Screenshot
    1. Open Konsole and execute command `uname -a` (or other command to show output)
    2. Take a screenshot of the result (File -> Print Screen)
    3. Save and compare the file to the output on your screen
  • Signals (advanced)
    1. Please only test this if you know what you are doing
    2. Use Edit -> Send Signal to a process

Expected Results

  • Search for a selection text
    1. In your default web browser there should be opened web page on Wikipedia with an article about GNU/Linux
  • Detaching and reorganizing tabs
    1. Drag&drop out of the parent Konsole should make new separate instance of Konsole and drag&drop this instance back should unit these two instances into one.
    2. You should be able to reorganize tabs (change their positions)
  • Screenshot
    1. The screenshot should save without problems and look exactly like your screen (text only)
  • Signals
    1. The selected signal should be received correctly

Report problems

Report any bug on, product=konsole. If you are unsure ask in #kde-quality on irc

Note the bug numbers besides the item.

Known regressions