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Kate Quality tests


This test case covers new features in Kate: Passive Notifications, Show line while scrolling and the Kate minimap

How to test

For each test item in the list below, include the item between del tags (see edit) when you finished testing it. Append to the line the bug report number with link if you reported any bug. Do not cross over items you cannot check, somebody else will check them.

  • Passive Notifications
    1. Open the file in Kate
    2. Click abort on the notification
  • Show line while scrolling
    1. Click and drag the scrollbar up and down in a document
    2. Check if the correct line number is shown
  • Minimap
    1. Enable the Minimap from Settings -> Appearance -> Borders
    2. Try to use it in both a large and a small document

Expected Results

  • Passive Notifications
    1. A nice notification should slide in from the top warning this is a big file
    2. You can cancel opening the file
  • Show line while scrolling
    1. A small tooltip should show the line numbering
  • Minimap
    1. The vertical scrollbar is changed into a nice minimap of the document
    2. The minimap can be used to scroll the document

Report problems

Report any bug on, product=kate. If you are unsure ask in #kde-quality on irc

Note the bug numbers besides the item.

Known regressions