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1) Student writing a 20 pages thesis as a homework assignment

Andre is a student economy. He got a homework assignment to research a topic and submit a paper about his research which also must contain his conclusions and suggestions. Andre is adviced to use a pre-made table of contents and do his research in a specific number of steps like he has been taught in school. The major steps are recognizable in his table of contents.

While doing his research he notes down short paragraphs of text in the right spot under his document-structure and makes various temporary notes and links to external spreadsheets and websites.

As Andre finishes up his research the various chapters have all gained size and all the topics have been covered. The ordering is not ideal and moving around of subchapters is required for a good looking end result.

After adding the explanatory paragraphs and an introduction chapter to his paper, he is able to print it.

2) Student presenting his thesis with KPresenter

The student doing a homework in 1) now has to present his results to his fellow students. He wants to keep the structure of his document and just move it into KPresenter with one click. To fill the slides he wants to use the temporary notes he made during writing the text. Going through his written homework he wants to just highlight some paragraphs and assign them to slides.

3) Clark made up his mind using a mind-map Clark has to collect information about a water. To ease his work he uses a mind-mapping tool to organise his data. Now he wants to import his work into KOffice and use his tree as document-structure.


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