Calligra/Building/2/Developing With KDevelop

These instructions are for the Qt4-based Calligra 2.x on Unix and similar operating systems. These instruction won't be extended much as development of the Qt4-based Calligra ends with the 2.9 series.

Import Calligra in KDevelop

  • Project > Open Project
  • Select Calligra source directory
  • Select CMake project as a

Be patient, opening Calligra can take a long time, KDevelop don't show any progress information, only indication that something is happening is an overlay telling you the project is being loaded, and the "projects" docker has appeared



  • In the "project" docker, right click on "calligra", select "Open Configuration"
  • In the "CMake" tab, click on the "plus" icon
  • Choose the "Build directory" (you can use an existing build directory)

Build a target

In the "project" docker, browse to the target you want to build, right click on it, and select "build" or "install". You can add a target to the buildset, all target in the buildset will be build when pressing F8, or any of the other options of the "Build" menu.

Run application

  • In "project" docker, right click on "calligra", select "Open Configuration"
  • In "Run Settings", add a "run targets"
  • Select "executable", then enter the full path to the application
  • Add targets that you want to be run before the execution is started

Run target are easily change through "Run > Current Run Target"

Debug an application

  • Run > Start or F9

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