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Currently, just a simple TODO list. We can expand this over time.


  • Document the server-side JSON API
  • Port to the async library ( )
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Tag ownership
  • Donate/tip as a payment option
  • Check for any hardcoded "Make Play Live"-isms and replace with configuration
  • Account deletion / deactivation
  • Make authentication possible via remote auth (ldap would be particularly nice for integration)
  • Periodicals system
  • Update checking

Asset Importers

  • project gutenberg importer that uses the RSS feed to keep the db refreshed
  • Asset population via git repository (push to server triggers a git hook that triggers an update; heroku style)
  • revisit obs importer (more ini files, proper repositories, make it re-runnable on a regular basis, etc)

Participant Experience

  • Upload and asset management workflow
  • Store definition creation
  • Stats
  • Request / perform account upgrade

Active Client

  • "Top", "New", etc.
  • Add rating
  • Add comment viewing and submission
  • Automatic update (kded plugin that checks on the status of "upgradable" content?)
  • Make it easy / possible to change the store it is viewing
  • Add a "free software licenses only" filter to the settings (maybe other filters?)
  • Try SSL and use that by default if active
  • Do not show (however briefly) the "add acount / create an account for me" page if an account is registered

Desktop Integration

  • KHotStuff backend

HTML5 Client

  • Make one ;)

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