Amarok Mobile sprint proposal - Gingelom, Belgium Q1 2011


Architecture discussions, trial coding and intense porting to MeeGo. Small team, big focus.


Bart & Wendy’s house: Kriekelstraat 12C, 3890 Gingelom, Belgium The table in the dining area can hold 8 people reasonably, the office has room for 2. Sitting lounge with the flatscreen TV can serve as chill-out and presentation area. Every room in the house is connected to a 24-port gigibit switch with a minimum of 3 cables. The router has dual-radio wifi on 2.4 and 5 ghz.


Pachthof *** Borlo 3.3 km from sprint location, literally next town over, across the fields. 12 double rooms



nearest international airport: Brussels BRU or Charleroi/ Brussels-south CRL serviced by Ryanair and other low costs. From both a train can be taken to Landen, which is 4 km from Gingelom


Liege Guillemins is serviced by Thalys and Deutsche Bahn ICE from Cologne. Brussels by Thalys and TGV from Paris. They both connect directly to Landen.

Prefered dates

Post 2.4 release. Late January or beginning of February, depending on hotel availability and people able to join. No more then 5 days, spanning a weekend + some padding before and after.


KDE e.V. funding + amarok funds.

leo: Note that Amarok funds are low. We should check with the SFC to see how our Roktober fundraiser went before committing any Amarok money :)

Side activities

This area of Belgium, Haspengouw, is also called the Tuscany of the north i.e. It’s beautiful. We can go hiking, biking (though it might be pretty cold), rent vespa’s or go power kiting (our house is at an excellent wind corridor).

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