Amarok "Fast Forward" 1.4.1

Scientists have discovered a new species, a species that doesn't eat, doesn't sleep, and doesn't socialize. They have named this species Amarok developers. These developers have been hard at work preparing version 1.4.1 of world's "fastest" forwarding media player in a small netherlands town, Annahove.

In Amarok "Fast Forward" 1.4.1, we introduce native support for Last.FM radio streams, including advanced features known from the Last.FM player. In addition Amarok's custom icon theme is completely finished. Users who tested out the 1.4.1 beta probably noticed the completely renovated UI design. After careful evalution of feedback from our users, we have decided to delay the layout change until 2.0. The 1.4.1 release again features the classic and proven Amarok layout!

Another new feature that has received a lot of attention lately is ATF. ATF, or Advanced Tag Features will allow collection statistics to stay up to date regardless of the track being moved. This is disabled by default, visit the link above to find out how to check this out. Note, this technology can be considered beta, it is not known to cause problems, but it may. We have also disabled INotify support for this release, there were a number of things that needed more attention before it would be added.

Thank you for forwarding Amarok!


  • Support for Last.FM streams
  • New icon theme
  • ATF - Advanced Tag Feature


  • Disabled INotify support due to stability problems
  • Removed Moodbar

    • Note about the facility to try ATF, so that it gets stable before 1.4.2, should be included
    • Needs to clarify why context browser got moved back to side tab - else possability is high to get same amount of complaints why it got reverted
    • inotify support disabled to due stability problems
    • new icons
    • radio support
  • RELEASE PIC NEEDED! 1.4_artwork
    • vnizzz showed 2 quite good versions of beta splashes - if he removes the beta term we can use them as splash and release pic (apachelogger likes the warm version) - so someone should get into contact ;-)

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