There are a number of objectives which are REQUIRED to be met before we can release amaroK 1.4 as a professional release. There has been discussion on the mailing list as to a looming final release, and although these objectives may push this back, they can only improve the quality of our already excellent product.

To the developers: please devote your time to completing these requirements as a first priority!

To the testers: please test whatever you can, however you can! All the help that you can provide is needed!

Development based

  • Collection Browser tabs. We need an alternative to the 5 rows of tool bars before the collection contents are listed. The tabs are also sub-optimal, as discussed on irc/on the mailing list.
  • The pop-up messages flicker, due to poor drawing. They are first drawn in the final place, and then are moved for the transition animation.
  • Editing meta info for an album and changing the disc number for all tracks causes the score for each item to be reset to 0.
  • Context browser could not get shown: [1] - probably another report exists probably caused by MySQL 3
  • GStreamer0.10 engine - in or out?! OUT
  • Media Devices:
    • Some people claim that they get the same devices reported as new over and over again.
    • Other general problems: [2] INVALID
    • FP: [3]
    • VFAT media device plugin has a couple of issues:
      • dragging collapsed directories doesn't work [4]
      • checking if track already exists is unreliable and slow - that's perhaps related [5]
      • when opening several directories, items could get displayed below wrong directory
      • no feedback upon failed track removals (mailing list)
      • it's author does not have faith in it - in or out?! IN. It works "well enough" for now and I'm going to rewrite it. I've been putting off rewriting it to focus on other things, but if we actually have a release date (instead of "some time in the future") I have a reason to work on it. If I can't get it done and tested ahead of time it still works well enough in most situations, but perhaps if our release date is not rock-solid yet and I make good progress on this, we can be slightly flexible. DONE
  • Podcast support still has many problems: savepath [6] [7] - limits [8] - dupes [9]
  • Possibility for database corruption: [10]
  • Configuration window too tall (shouldn't amaroK be usable on 800x600 screens?): [11] Markey 06:29, 27 April 2006 (EDT) Wasn't that fixed some time ago? Peter made the xine config take up less space. Aumuell It was improved, but if you have chosen alsa as your xine output device, then it still won't fit as this adds 2 additional lines.
  • It seems to me that it'd fit if we removed the proxy config then. Is there any reason we even have a proxy config for xine instead of just using the KDE proxy settings? If they are required, we could always move them and the CD settings to a different tab, since they really need not be engine specific. Shakes 06:11, 28 April 2006 (EDT) jefferai KDE Proxy config blows chunks. I think it's important to leave the xine config in.
  • Leave MP4 tag write support in (despite its ability to corrupt some files)?

Testing based

Rokymotion, we could use you here! You are the greatest and most forever trusting of amaroK's user-base. Show us how to rock!

  • Clean 1.4 installations. Remove all traces of amaroK, install. Provide feedback and improvements, any bugs or crashes.
  • 1.3.x -> 1.4 upgrades. This is probably the most important. We need to ensure proper database conversion, podcast database insertions and smooth transitions of configuration data.
    • CRITICAL: mysql/postgres password changes
  • Media device functionality with dbus and hal.
  • Media device functionality without dbus or hal.

3rd party based

  • Alert all theme creators to the new css tags. Compile a list here:
  • added:
    • .album-length
    • .box-header-nav
    • .disc-separator
    • .ratingBox
    • .ratingStar
    • .statsBox
      1. artist-back-a
      2. artist-google
      3. artist-wikipedia
      4. context
      5. current_box-header-nav
      6. related_box
      7. related_box-header
      8. related_box-title
  • removed:
    • .song-album
    • .song-artist
    • .song-place
    • .song-time
    • .song-title
    • .urlexpansion
    • #favorites_box
    • #favorites_box-header
    • #favorites_box-header-title
    • #newest_box
    • #newest_box-body
    • #newest_box-header
    • #newest_box-header-title
  • CSS Styles

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