Amarok Live 1.4 released

The Amarok Project proudly presents: Amarok Live 1.4 featuring Amarok 1.4.5. Amarok Live is a live Linux which offers the possability to try the stable Amarok 'Fast Forward' 1.4.5 without actually installing Linux, or Amarok. It ships bundled with a collection of songs provided by as well as the super stable 1.4.5 version of the Amarok music player.

If you ever wanted to try Amarok, but never came round to install a common Linux distribution, then this is your chance to start rediscover your music.

Visit now and download the latest release of Amarok Live.


From the meeting:

Amarok Live with 1.4.5 Create artwork for the cd, send it to pc magazines and add a call to the announcement to distribute the discs at schools Music: maybe one of the Magnatune best of cds? Who is the spokesperson between Magnatune and Amarok?



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