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KDE Windows

KDE Windows has the aim to port KDE applications to Microsoft Windows. The merits of this are, of course, a highly controvential point. Our general rationale is that KDE is awesome, Linux is awesome, but Windows still dominates the world for a multitude of reasons. So if you are forced to use Windows at least you will have the alternative of Free KDE Applications in the propietary Windows world. In that we are making KDE available for millions and millions of people. (Probably including your parents and grandparents ;) )

For more information about us see: http://windows.kde.org/people.php

If you want to join us the best place is our IRC channel:

  1. kde-windows on freenode

and join our mailing list!

Our Techbase starting page is: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on_Windows

All this and more on: http://windows.kde.org/

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